Introductory Questions

    1. My name is Ari Jacobson and I'm a junior majoring in Economics and Strategy and minoring in Design and Anthropology.

    2. In high school, I co-founded a photography and design publication. I worked with another student adept at computer science to produce the website; however, I only managed the design aspects and was never involved in the development. I decided to take this class because I know nothing about coding and believe it's an important and valuable skill to have.

    3. I have no experience with web development.

    4. When working with a coder in high school to produce a website, I realized that there was a huge communication gap between us. I didn't know anything about computer science, and she didn't know anything about design. Therefore, there was a lot lost in translation. I hope to work toward bridging that gap in this class.

    5. I think designing for screen is going to be very different than designing for paper because the designer has a lot less control in how the user engages and interacts with the product.

    6. This is the website for photographer Albert Watson. I think this site exemplifies effective design because upon entering the webpage, the music and landing page that leads into a slideshow of images defines a dramatic style and tone. I also really like how the reds contrast with the blacks and greys.

    7. This is the website for WUSTL Canvas. I think this site exemplifies effective communication because the information is displayed in a way that is intuitive. There isn't a lot of repeated information and the site is easily navigable, as the tool bar on the left is always there.

    8. This is the website for the publication I co-founded in high school. I think it works well because it is simple yet sophisticated, and everything has a 'home.' The information is clearly communicated and it is easy to 'track' one's movements within the site. There's not so much going on that one will get lost and overwhelmed.